Altgeld- Riverdale
Role: Graphic Designer
Campaign Marketing
Design Research
Graphic Design 

Altgeld-Riverdale is a blend of two cities in South Chicago. This community is full of many topics worth discussing in eager passion, but our team was hyper-focused on Altgeld-Riverdale’s awareness on early education and it’s reputation, obstacles, and opportunities. We continuously asked this question: Is early education worth it for under-developed communities in the middle of a global pandemic? The answer is rather tricky and can trigger a varied amount of emotions. Most importantly, the question is also not ours to answer.

By implementing a user-centered approach in the project, we prioritized our research strategies before we even considered designing a single draft. The team interviewed members and influencers directly from the community, understanding their views and ideas about the early learning facililities in their neighborhood.

With obsessive trial and error, our team dedicated our time to discussion boards and concept sessions. Finally, it was time to try out some real-world products with multiple design sprints. Our results lead to campaign awareness, an increase in child enrollment, and an opened eye in regards to early learning amongst the community.

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